Canadian Abstract Artist Zoe Gong

Zoe Gong is an artist living and working in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. Her local art for sale is modern abstract.

She is from an artist family, as her parents were both photographers. After studying Concept Art at Algonquin College, she completed several years of design and illustration work. Zoe pursued a career in fine art, due to the fact that she really enjoys the feeling that people get when they view her work, bringing out indescribable emotions in them. She uses brushes, fingers, palette-knifes and a variety of tools to bring a quality texture to her pieces.

Zoe’s ability to capture the essence of what she is painting is drawn from her deep love of nature and math. She also teaches oil/acrylic paintings at her local studio.

If you’d like to get to know her even more, please make sure you follow her on Instagram @zoegongart. Check back often to see new pieces and other inspirational offerings and ideas.