Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

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When I started doing artwork, I went with both acrylic and oil, but I personally like oil the best because Oil paint is slow drying and versatile, allowing you to easily manipulate it on the canvas.

Unfortunately, oil painting can frighten beginners.

Painting with oil has a lot more rules to follow so that the paint dries appropriately, so it is easy to become overwhelmed by the various procedures to follow.

These oil painting tips should be useful to you if you are interested in oil painting.

Oil Painting Tip # 1: Add enough oil when you paint

By adding an oil medium to your paint, you are making your artwork fatter. Oil painting follows this rule, especially when it comes to painting wet on wet.

I suggest an Gamblin : Galkyd Oil Painting Medium.

The more oil medium you add, the slower it dries.


Oil Painting Tip # 2: Paint Thicker


Oil paint dries more slowly for thick paint than thinner paint. This principle echoes one of the fat over lean rules.

Paint thicker also bring your artwork nice textures, and a little 3D feel.

Oil Painting Tip # 3: Painting Method


There are tons of ways to create your oil painting, you can use brushes, palette knife or even your fingers. I personally do lots of finger oil paintings. But you can try and find the most comfortable way to do your oil painting, just be creative, be aware, there is no limitation.

Here are the Brushes and palette knives that I like to use.

For your painting surface, canvas is not the only option, you can choose oil painting paper to start, it is cheaper and practical.

Oil Painting Tip # 4: Blending colors


Blending is particularly useful to restore perspective to objects by softening them into the background.


Make sure you clean your brush or your fingers before blend to avoid dirty your piece. 

I hope this article can help you to move forward and brave enough to start your oil painting journey.

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